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Bat Roosting Nesting Box Eco Friendly Wildlife Wooden Roost Nest Shelter


Stock Number: A3136



Solid Wood Bat Roosting Box.

This bat box is suitable for a wide range of bats and is an ideal roosting place for bat colonies while the fixed roof keeps drafts to a minimum.

Bat Boxes provide roosts for shelter, breeding and mating and offers easy access for bats while keeping predators at bay.

Material: Solid pine wood.


Height: 34cm

Width 21cm

Depth 11.5cm

Where to place your Bat box:
*site in areas where bats are known to feed but with few potential roosts available.
*place the box as high as possible in sheltered,wind free areas that are exposed to the sun for part of the day.
*clear the area around the box to allow the bats to gain access.
*put up 2-3 boxes facing in different directions to provide a range of temperature and conditions.


* Become inpatient! It may take several years for the bats to find the box.

*Do not disturb the bat box while it is in use.

*Do not attempt to clean the box as it should be kept as natural as possible. You don't want to scare your bats away!

Many bats both in the U.K. and many other parts of the world have suffered a tremendous population decline, due to roosting space losses, feeding habitat losses, various 'pest' control measures and timber treatment in buildings. .

The felling of dead, old and hollow trees along with the advent of "Dutch Elm Disease" and the hurricane of 1987 in southern Britain, has considerably reduced the availability of natural roost sites for bats. Some modern building practices and the associated building regulations implemented during extensive development and building repairs have not helped either! Bat boxes provide artificial roosts sites for bats and are important for conservation and research.

In the U.K. twelve bat species have roosted in bat boxes. Six of these (Pipistrelle, Noctule, Leisler's, Natterer's, Daubenton's, and Brown long-eared bats) are said to have produced babies in them. Bat boxes are also widely used as autumn mating roosts and by individuals and groups throughout the whole year.

In order to help the future of bats in your area, you may wish to put up some bat boxes and encourage others to do likewise.

Stock #: A3136