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wash brush - 3m triple extension for windscreens, decks and windows. new strong.


Stock Number: A0789#freepost



Extension Wash Brush.

Triple Extension Locking System.

3m Max Reach.

Ideal for use on Decking, Conservatories, Windows, Windscreens of Vans, Cars and Trucks.

Strong Aluminium Telescopic Handle.

Flow-Through Handle.

Safe for all Surfaces.

Connects to a Hose to make even more effective cleaning.

Brush is 26cm Width x 14cm Height x 10cm Depth.

Bi-Level brush design lets you clean two surfaces at the same time.

Easier and Faster Cleaning.

Cushion Grips.

Convinient off/on control.

Soft, feathered tips.

Stock #: A0789