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Professional Quality Telescopic Ratchet Action 2 Pulley Pole Pruner With Saw


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Telescopic Ratchet Pulley Pruner & Saw.

Professional Quality Telescopic Ratchet Action 2 Pulley Pole Pruner with saw not to be confused with cheap single action cutters which are nearly useless in real life.
Ratchet action for easier cutting of larger branches.
20% more efficient than non-ratchet pruners which provides excellent cutting capabilities.
Carbon steel hardened blades.Will cut up to 26mm diameter branch.Length opened 2.6 metres plus the length of yourself.
Telescopic tubular handle, which can be locked off at any point.
Friction free, non gumming & rust resistant Teflon-s finish.

Instructions for use:
1 Check that there are no overhead power lines in the area you intend to work. Extend the pole to the correct length to reach the branch you intend to cut. Place the branch to be cut in the jaws of the pole pruner and pull the cord.
2.When you feel increased resistance of the cutting action on the branch release the cord slightly and you will hear the ratchet mechanism click to the next notch.
3. Repeat step 2 again when the resistance has increased. If you cannot cut the branch, using the jaws use the saw attachment instead. Do not attempt to cut branches which will not fit completely into the jaws, always use the saw on larger branches.
Please oil all moving parts frequently it will last a lot longer.

Fully Extended - 8ft + Approx 2ft Attachment Length.

Stock #:   A0917