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Rodent Bait Station. Tamper Resistant Semi-Transparent Locking Lid. Pest Control


Stock Number: A2190#freepost



Rodent Bait Station.

Simply place the box where there are signs of mouse/rat/rodent activity, where a bottleneck exists - forcing them through your trap.

Ideally position near walls or difficult to access areas.

May be necessary to place more than one, depending of the severity of the infestation.

After 14 days if there is still activity place more bait where the activity is still being seen.

Made using tough black plastic to be naw-resistant.

Features a Tamper-Resistant locking lid, which is semi-transparent to reduce the need to open when checking the trap.

Bait is not included, but fixed onto metal securing rods.

Includes Locking key.

Dimensions: Width: 225mm x Depth: 180mm x Height: 90mm

Stock #: A2190