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Indoor Stop Here Santa Glow Up Christmas Sign Decoration Light with LEDs


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Metallic Effect Light Sign.

The whole household can rest assured on Christmas Eve knowing that Santa can't possibly miss this adorable festive sign sitting snug at the window.

Reads "Santa Please Stop Here", a classic and fun quote for the holiday season.


Approximate cable length is (from plug to light) 1.5m.

Push-In-Bulb: 12V 0.84W.

Fuse Bulb: 10.5V 1.26W.

Rated Voltage and Wattage: 230V-240V 50Hz.

Approx: 17.22W.

Product Size: 45cm Height x 24cm Width x 4.5cm Depth.

Double Sided, can be used on a window display and you can enjoy it inside too.

Made from Plastic.

Uses Low Power, Bright LEDs.

Stock #: A1592