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Dip Tests (strips) Check pH of Swimming Pool & Spa (Chlorine & Alkalinity)


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Dip Tests (strips) Check pH of Swimming Pool & Spa (Chlorine & Alkalinity)

Comes as a Pack of 25. Dip one strip then hold it horizontally for ten seconds. Using the colour chart, you can compare pH Levels, free chlorine and total alklinity of the water. Free chlorine is the sanitiser that is wanted in pools. It should be mantained at an optimal range at all times so that it can keep your pool or spa free of bacteria and algae. pH refers to the level of acidity or basicity of the water. 7 Is neutral, while below 7 becomes acidic (such as lemon juice) and above 7 is basic/alkaline (such as baking soda). Pool and Spa water is ideal at a slightly basic-neutral level. Total Alklinity refers to the ability of the water to resist a change in pH and provides a stable clean environment for your water to remain comfortable. Comes with instructions and a colour guide on the tub.

Stock #: A1433