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6 Pack Of Capillary Matting Seed Tray Inserts For Greenhouse Plants (33cm x 20cm


Stock Number: A1263#6pack#freepost



6 Pack Of Capillary Matting

Easy to use. Each mat sheet is 33cm x 20cm.

Use capillary matting in the greenhouse to water plants economically and (almost) automatically, as this versatile material absorbs and holds water which can be drawn up by soil in pot plants positioned on the matting. This process is known as capillary watering and keeping the capillary matting moist will allow your plants to fend for themselves in the height of summer.

The capillary matting is easy to cut with scissors or a knife. Ideal for greenhouse watering.Simply soak matting and stand pots on surface. Rot Proof. Non-Toxic Fibre.

Stock #: A1263