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12 Piece Drain Rod Set With Plunger & Double Worm Screw Accessories (9.2m)


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12 Piece Drain Rod Set With Plunger & Double Worm Screw Accessories (9.2m)

Drain rods for domestic drain and chimney cleaning, measuring 920mm x 18mm. Drain rods are a very useful piece of plumbing equipment designed to allow anybody to clear blocked drains and sewers, they are also a lot cheaper than paying for a specialist to do the task!

This set consists of 10 small rods, which can be attached together to form a 9.2m rod long enough to reach most blockages. The rods are very durable and hard wearing, as they are made from Polypropylene giving them a certain degree of flexibility. This drain rod set also come with two important attachments a double worm screw and a rubber plunger. The double worn screw is used to break up or retrieve the obstruction, whilst the rubber plungers function is to create the necessary pressure required to force out the obstruction.


  • 50mm Diameter Double worm screw end to break up obstructions
  • 100mm Diameter Rubber plunger to clear obstructions with pressure
  • Rods are crimped and riveted for added security
  • 10 Rods that easily screw together using Brass fittings.


Please note that the Drain Rods are not indestructible - they are incredibly strong but they will break if used incorrectly, rigorously or with too much force.

Stock #: 9153